2011 – What a ride!

With just over two weeks left of 2011 I am on a high! What a year!   I love reflecting back on the year and still am amazed at how much I manage to squeeze into the 365 days…  

Some of the madness/fun includes:

* Promoting myself in a new role at work – taking on social media in communications co-ordinator role, from being an Executive Assistant

* Being bestwoman & MC for Sera & Kevin’s wedding in New Zealand – two fabulous friends sharing an amazing day

* Celebrating Dad’s 40years with Rio Tinto  – a trip home to Perth to spend time with my family & friends

* Meeting some amazing friends on the 12WBT fitness journey – two finale parties one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane – great people coming together to celebrate success in fitness

* Meeting Jamie Eason at Filex – Love Jamie’s approach to health & fitness, her bb.com articles rock!

*  SO many fitness ventures from indoor rock climbing, trapezing,  AC’s Sunday bootcamps, winterwonderland iceskating to swimming in the corporate games for Ernst & Young, running my first City to Surf, MS fun walk, Mudrun not to mention so many PB’s in the gym.

* Half day photoshoot to celebrate ME, my fitness achievements and to enter the Oxygen covergirl comeptition – tick off bucket list.

* Working as a trainer again at Annette Kellerman Aquatic centre, running bootcamps twice a week from June – December.

*Rocking it out at concerts – AC/DC, Janet Jackson, Cold Chisel with awesome friends

*Meeting some amazing new friends through the gym, twitter and fitness networks on bodybuilding.com and Facebook – I love social media! Lucky it is my job!

* Another successful year as Mo-sista for Movember – helping raise funds and awareness of this great charity – building the WORLD’s largest MOustache on Bondi Beach – highlight indeed.

*  365day photo project – some of the pictures I have captured give insight into my daily surroundings, didn’t take a photo everyday but manged at least 90% – loving the results

Wow… I am sure  I have missed a few things in there somewhere, lots of festivals, weddings and outings with friends – been a busy year – bring on 2012, looking forward to smashing some more goals.


2 responses to “2011 – What a ride!

  1. Wow Donna, you’ve achieved so much this year! I’ve only known you for 3/4 of it (mostly virtually) but you’re constantly an inspiration. You’re always so positive and so committed to fitness and health you should be really proud of your achievements!

    You seem to live a really balanced life and I envy that. Well done on 2011!


    • Thanks Deb, I must say writing down what I have achieved really is exciting. You get to this time of year and think gosh where did the year go, what have I achieved. I think you have come a long way too and look forward to seeing you make some real progress in 2012! You deserve to be happy and you too will find the balance 🙂

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