No Sugar November

The one thing I have noticed since starting Paleo is that I was being so good with not eating (0r craving for that matter) dairy, bread, pasta etc but noticed that I had slipped back into my old habit of eating lollies and sweets or more dark chocolate.   Now I knew I had to cut this out and NoSugarVember just happened to appear on my twitter wall one-day.    This concept was created by Natalie from New Outlook Fitness – definitely one that I needed and have a few friends following also – together we are going to kick sugar. 

A no sugar diet will result in you having more energy, by keeping your blood sugars stable.  Ensuring you are eating good foods throughout the day to also help the levels stabilise.  Good foods that is – good sources of carbohydrates, fats and proteins all important.    If you are having cravings still you need to re-evaluate the food you are eating and eliminate those full of sugar and preservatives, cut out the processed food and YOU WILL NOT HAVE CRAVINGS. I haven’t had a true craving for two months….   

I had forgotten just how much sugar is in foods, since doing Paleo my processed food intake is minimal and I truly do notice how “sweet” some foods can be.  Corn on the cob for instance… yum. 

It is Day 8 today and so far I can honestly say I feel great, I feel energised, happy, not moody or tired or cranky but that is because I have been eating so well the last few months.  I have only had one slip up and that was at dinner last Thursday night – I was at a friends place and she had kindly put some chocolate on a plate after dinner and obviously my sugar pathways were still in control and I grabbed a piece and popped it into my mouth without a second thought, it wasn’t until I thought this is so nice… AHHHHHH! haha… classic, so I savoured it, and had no more. 

I am tracking my calories daily, to ensure I am eating ENOUGH and getting all my macronutrients.  Ensuring I am keeping this body fuelled with the RIGHT energy.  I am averaging between 35-55g of sugar in foods per day, sources are from fruits and vegetables.

Breakdown of nutrients from yesterday – still need to get more energy IN!





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