A few things added to my DONS kicks ar*e list….

I am like an excited little kid today, totally buzzing on life and adrenalin is pumping through my veins. So pumped after training last night with my  friend Melody from Melbourne. She truly is ONE amazing chick – runs her own boutique gym in Melbourne called Fitness Boutique (a well deserved plug) I first met Melody over two years ago on Facebook, through networking with other fitness people online and I thought, I am going to train with her one day. So on a trip to Melbourne a few years back, I did.   This week, Melody popped into Sydney for a brief visit and we smashed out chest at Newtown gym, great fun.

Melody has been a great support to me when ever I need when doing my training and she has always believed that I can achieve the goals I set out to achieve, even if I couldn’t.   I have been talking about competing at a sports model/figure competition for years. Talk. Talk. Talk.  Time to take action.  I don’t think I was mentally ready all the other times.   I can visualise it now and it is very exciting.   They have added so many new categories to the competition I am entering so that makes me more comfortable (no dance routines for me, thank goodness, so not my thing, funnily enough)!

Planning, planning and more planning to be done.   Time to fine-tune this Ferrari into a fat burning, muscle building machine. The competition I will compete in isn’t until June/July next year, so I have loads of time.  First goal is to strip away another 6-8kgs of bodyfat off this frame.  Keeping the muscle and adding more definition (not size).

I love this feeling… being confident in myself and knowing that I will achieve this goal is amazing.   Love how things just fall into place, timing is everything.

So keep a watch on this blog, will be taking you through my next phase of training from now up until the end of January.  Think clean, lean and mean (muscle that is)!  Will bring you video footage of training sessions, some progress pictures and my nutrition updates. 



3 responses to “A few things added to my DONS kicks ar*e list….

  1. excited dons! cant wait to see where your adventure ges!

  2. very exciting, looking forward to sharing your journey with you 🙂

  3. I’m with the others Donna… very exciting and I love that you know where you are going and have a plan to get there!

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