The photos are in…..

A month ago I had an afternoon to celebrate ME. I had the afternoon off work and a bag filled with outfits and accessories ready to take to my Starshots Photoshoot. 

I have never really been a shy person, always outgoing, loud and bubbling with excitement, but when it comes to cameras the shy Donna comes out…   I knew it would take some time to get used to the camera and the wise words of the photographer Justin were “stop thinking”.   I am alway so in control of situations that it took some time to just listen to him and do as I am told. (ssshh Mum).

We started the photoshoot with the burlesque style – I had been to a friends charity night a few months earlier and brought a sexy corset and a little top hat. Channeling my inner Madonna I felt strong and sexy wearing trousers, heels and the corset/top hat combo.

The picture I loved the most, so much so that I ordered it on acryllic frame 24″ big is the relaxed picture of me sitting on a gorgeous chasse – I love the entire colour range/lighting of the shot, the green on the chasse with the wood – reflection and quiet time is so important in life and this just captures that.

All I seem to notice in pictures now is how the models are trying to arch their back up to get a good shot.  This is another favourite… I have been told numerous times that my blue eyes are amazing, how awesome is this shot? The green backdrop just brings out the colour that little bit more and I love how you can see the muscle striations in my chest. 

Most people that know me, or who work with me or have lived with me know that I hate shoes, I hate the restriction of them, you can take the girl out of the bush – yes it is nice to wear sexy heels from time to time and that i do enjoy but nothing is more enjoyable than bare feet on the grass or in the sand… freedom.  Justin the photographer is very good at capturing the true style of the people he shoots and he knew I was itching to get those heels off! 

Lots of celebrations this year, flying back to Perth for my Dad’s 40 year dinner with Rio Tinto was one of them.  The last time I saw my family was last year when my Pop passed away, so it was so nice to go home and see my family and celebrate with them and so many people I grew up with in Tom Price – mum & dad’s friends… oh the stories and the reminiscing of the old times, hearing great things being said about my dad’s achievements over the years, very proud moment indeed.  I brought this gorgeous Cue dress for the occasion. 

Love the blue backdrop and the photographer wanted to do another shot whilst I had on the lace dress which showed off “my great legs” end quote.  I am tall and have learnt to stand tall and be proud of my height over the years.  When you are given a gift you should embrace it. So with fake tan applied, I did.

One of the main reasons for the shoot was to get a great picture to send into Oxygen magazine competition. Everytime Oxygen gets delivered to my house I always admire the fitness model on the front cover and think “wouldn’t it be great to be that fit, or on the cover of the magazine”. Every year I would see the competition for “be on the front cover” and always would shrug and think one-day I will be fit enough, perfect enough.  Well this year when I saw the competition this strong powerful voice said “I am going to enter” and that is what I did.   If you wait until the day you think you are perfect, you will wait a long time.  I have worked hard, trained hard and very proud of myself and my achievements this year.  Entering this competition, for me, being a perfectionist, was a big hurdle to jump and this meant I am ready, to move onwards and upwards to bigger and better things. Needless to say I was very happy with the result. Love the green top and short from Running Bare. My favourite sportswear brand.

I had so much fun with the next photo! After standing in shorts and crop top and HEELS to get the picture above Justin thought it would be good to have some fun, so off came the shoes HURRAH and time to do some jumping shots.    He took a few snaps but confessed he got the right shot the first go…  my poor calves were cramping from going from heels to no shoes, to jumping……. modelling is hard work!

In the brief I mentioned that I loved boxing and brough in my favourite Running Bare hoodie and boxing gloves to do some action shots. Emma sprayed me down to get that “just worked out” look and I spend quite a few minutes trying to get serious.. I just kept laughing, was so hard to get “focused”, oh and not to punch Justin.  Looking forward to doing this shot again soon with  more definition on the arms/shoulders!

Natural shots.  I have always admired natural/nude shots, the arty ones that are done well and not too cheap looking.  That free feeling f wearing no clothing and being comfortable in your body is something everyone should be able to experience. you might not be “perfect” and what is perfect anyways? But to feel alive, free and confident in ones skin.   Standing (not crawling) on the bear skin rug I felt pretty awesome, reflecting on how far I have come this year on not only my fitness journey, but the journey of ME learning more about myself than I ever though possible.

The “fake” butterfly tattoos were a special little touch. I do have a tattoo and am looking to get another couple.  The butterflies for me symbolise freedom and creativity, to be who you are, true beauty at all times. My Poppy who passed away last October used to cherish the gorgeous things in life. He was so passionate about travel, animals, reading, learning and creating objects with his bare hands out of any material he could find. He used to make tables out of tree tops, he hand-made me a wooden jewellery box from a left over cabinet.. he always saw the beauty in everything and he even transformed old aluminium cans into gorgeous butterflies,  painting them bright and used to put them aorund his house. At his wake the words “when you see a butterfly, you know Ronald isn’t far away” just made me smile. I know his spirit is with me and my family and I do always smile when I see a butterfly, more now than I used to.


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  1. Donna, the photos are all amazing and you look incredible! Congratulations!

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