Retail therapy

Not being your typical girly girl, shopping isn’t a regular task I really enjoy or do too regularly (unless rebel or running bare have a sale) I always found it tedious & never got excited unless it was buying a dress for a special occasion. Today I was excited to go clothes shopping because all my clothes are too big!!

Wearing my work suits the last couple weeks/months I felt frumpy, like I was playing dress-ups in my mums closet! It has been a good couple years since I brought a work suit! Time for some new pieces in the wardrobe me thinks.

Wasn’t too sure how today would go – first place I headed was Cue in Myer – the sales lady was like my personal shopper with belts, jackets, dresses & suits!! When we were working out sizes I said I think I am a 12 bottom, 10 top too which she replied “I think you are definitely a 10” – and she was right! I tried on an array of colours, patterns & mixed & matched funky jackets with some awesome dress/wide belt combos – doing the happy dance in the cubicle for each outfit! I got a gorgeous skirt suit, a couple tops & a pair of summer shorts from Country Road! I would of loved to grab a couple dresses too but decided to pace myself!

Headed into Portman’s which is where I picked up my last black trouser suit & managed to pick up cotton trousers, black skirt & a couple tops! I decided that I had done well & time to call it a day, enough new things to mix’n’match for a bit. All the excitement had tired me out! I think I may have inspired the sales assistant to do 12WBT.

I don’t worry about sizes too much, but seemed to always be in between sizes since I moved to London in 2000. I haven’t been a size 10 since I was in my early 20’s! Being skinny most of my teenage years I remember going from an 8 to a 10 & being ecstatic, because I was normal! Funny really I spent years being tall, thin & lanky, one of the names at school “starvation on stilts” I always remember being called. Haha that and “metal mouth” – thanks to braces…… Ahh kids.

So a big breakthrough today for me in so many ways – I have finally got myself trying on clothes confidently, knowing they will fit me, that I am not in between sizes anymore which sometimes made me choose outfits that made me feel just ok, not FABULOUS!



One response to “Retail therapy

  1. Hey new clothes – very exciting! I love the fact that you say you don’t worry about the sizes on the labels as I think that’s really mentally healthy. I had a friend who would only buy things in a size 12 (later a 14) so she’d search through shops and if something came in a large 12, she’d squeeze herself into it. Often it wouldn’t compliment her as it was too tight and small and I wanted to say that IF she bought the next size she wouldn’t be hanging out everywhere….

    Looking forward to the photos – and… a bit of girly retail therapy is nice sometimes!


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