Energy central…

Day Seven!  After feeling a bit worse for wear yesterday the rest of the day plodded along quite nicely food wise, once I got some good fats and proteins/veggies into me I felt good and managed a HUGE leg session last night.

I love Tuesday leg training – I always manage to get to the squat racks as the boys tend to train chest – funny how the patterns start appearing…  Well the squat rack was busy last night, I asked the guy who had just finished deadlifting 140kgs (as you do) how many sets he had left.. he had just finished BINGO! Happy days… I could stay there and do my four sets of squats and deadlifts. So much energy – warmed up with 40kgs one set and then did 3 x 12 of 65kgs. My technique and form spot on, no twinges in back and nice and low.  Deadlifts I didn’t feel as strong, but managed warm up on 40kgs and 3x 10 of 50kgs.

Smashed out 4 sets of 12 reps on the leg press at 100kgs… I can do heavier but find this weight perfect for me, have great form, good range, nice and slow and I last couple  I feel and not overdo the pressure on my knees.  Supersetted with some lunges holding 15kg plate.   Then in true Donna tradition I headed over to finish off the session with some jump squat/burpee push ups – which totally smashed me – love that feeling… my legs were like “chicka we cannot jump anymore” I was like YES YOU CAN, so I did 5 sets of 10.  Needless to say I had fun walking down the stairs and the walk home felt like I was drunk heee. 

Food plan is working, feeling amazing, good energy today for boxing and I am not craving or thinking about food at all.  I did have slight hunger pains this morning but nothing too extreme or out of the ordinary.  

Breakfast today was ocean trout omelette with cherry tomatoes, fetta and onion with a long black (yes fetta, only a little bit and was delicious).  Lunch is baked chicken with paprika/cumin/lemon with baked zucchini, rocket salad with an avocado salsa, dinner is the same as last night, kangaroo/veggie.  Snacks today are strawberries/banana in coconut milk and almonds. Water obviously. Delish.


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