A little zapped….

Day Six today – tomorrow will be a week since I commenced my new eating plan, following the Paleo guidelines & eliminating all dairy, grains and processed foods.

Today I am feeling rather flat, lethargic and was a little spacey on my walk to train my bootcamp girls this morning.    I had a big workout last night which felt fantastic whilst I was training, back/biceps workout – lots of heavy pulldowns, single arm rows, bicep curls, bent over rows, cable work and lots of pull ups and chinups.  I then did bodyjam and burnt over 520calories in an hour.  So I had the energy last night and seem to have lost it today.

Fuzzy is how I am feeling – my body is getting used to not having as much carbs (only complex from sweet potato) to fuel it  and I can feel my body slowly changing gears to adapt… so will just see how I go. I have a good dose of vegetables for lunch with chicken (good ole roast leftovers still going strong) and breakfast from this morning has totally filled me up. Four eggs (haha didn’t mean to eat them all but cooked two in each ramekan dish and brought it all) spinach, avocado, tomato & 90g salmon. Drinking lots of water and have lots of healthy fruit, nuts as snacks for the rest of the day. Got my new protein powder in the post yesterday too – Tony Sfeir’s pea protein isolate, am excited to try! http://tonysfeir.com.au/products/naturel-healthy-proteins/pea-protein-isolate/ 

Enjoyed reading this article –  that is how i am feeling, but I don’t have the cravings for anything…. oh and I am not cranky at all, no cranky pants here, just feeling abit foggy. I have to remember I have gone cold turkey, haven’t weaned myself off my oats or milks/yoghurts…  (even though I did have some greek yoghurt on Sunday with the rogan josh, delicious btw).  Am just taking each day as it comes, if I fancy something I will have it, but so far haven’t really wanted much – had some dark chocolate with almonds/orange yesterday.. tasted so sweet but good.


Tuesday is LEG day… bring on a HUGE session – time to further increase my weights/intensity…. 

Post training meal will consist of kangaroo, sweet potato mash and loads of yellow & green veggies tonight (with flaxseed oil) on the menu.  Delish.


One response to “A little zapped….

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds like you are being super-healthy but moderating it as you need to. (Onward and upward!)


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