I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…..

Coconut oils and milks that is.  I seem to have started my new eating plan around the same time as the media has picked up on a certain celebrity also using coconut oil… it isn’t new, it has been around for yonkers. I have always loved coconut products either fresh coconut juice or milk.  I have known for years it’s benefits, just hasn’t been that readily available as it is now. Highlight of my trip to Tonga last year was fresh coconuts everyday, for 80c.

This page will tell you all the reasons why coconut oil is good for you. http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/organic-coconut-oil/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html

Mention fat to most people and they freak out.  Dust off your biochem books people and learn exactly what fat does in the body.  For a quick refresher and interesting read, check out this fab blog a friend of mine has put together.  In relation to coconut products read about MCT (medium chain triglycerides) Lauric acid is a MCT which is found in coconut oil.

Since beginning my current eating regime I can honestly say I feel amazing – I have been on a health and fitness journey since February this year, losing bodyfat, gaining muscle and improving my physical and mental health, so this new regime of course will be complimenting all the hard work I have put in over the last few months.  I am using the Paleo diet as a guide. Ensuring that ALL the foods I put in my body haven’t had much processing – so lots of fruit, vegetables, meats, fats, nuts/seeds etc.  No dairy, no grains and NO processed stuff…  being realistic also.

What has improved? I have a constant energy bank, I don’t experience tiredness or energy ups and downs (hyperactivity), am sleeping much deeper and didn’t require any nanna naps this weekend (madness I hear you say, love a good nanna nap), my digestion has ahem moved along more which means the 1.3kgs I have lost on the scale since Wednesday could be a little build up perhaps? I have no cravings, I have no hunger pains & I am not obsessing about food, I am enjoying the variety in foods I am eating and also the taste of fresher fruits/veggies, Getting a fresh fruit/veggie/egg box delivered to your doorstop on day four is a pretty good way to keep the healthy food being ingested.  Day Four was a great day with a egg/veggie mix for breakfast, long blacks, fruits/nuts, tuna salad with avocado before having a nice 350g steak from the Chophouse (with veggies) and a few glasses of a delish shiraz! Oh my.

So what have I eaten today – Day Five? I started the day with fresh fruit, almond meal and coconut milk (organic).  I had a long black on the way to bootcamp training followed by two boiled eggs, strawberries and almonds before I headed to the pool to swim 20 lap for triathlon training.   I met the lovely Anastasia for lunch (blog author of primalmeded.com) and we went to this new place on Crown Street called Madam Char Char…  great fresh food –  chickens, salads etc… lamb rogan josh for me and sweet potato salad. Delish.  Dinner was roast chicken (Lilydale $11 for 1.6kgs an veggies cooked in coconut oil) tasted so fresh, clean and delicious.  Baked apple crumble for desert (Paleo style).

I have so much food for the next couple of days and looking forward to the next couple weeks to see how the body goes… I don’t actually miss anything at this stage, I have no cravings…. It is hard to explain, I just feel content.  As I normally rely on my oats to give me “energy” for the gym, I was interested to see how I would go doing weights yesterday – well I smashed it and felt amazing. No starches works wonders for my body (except sweet potato of course… ) I did a pb for chest press with db… 17.5kg dbells… in each hand that is peoples.  This girl is on fire in the weights department, am feeling so strong and in control.

Training in the pool today was awesome too – I felt amazing in the water after a big boxing session with the PitD crew. I am sore from Tabata on Friday night and the boxing just kicked the DOMS that little bit more… a swim made everything feel much better.  Lots of good energy in the pool, I got my cadence down from 52 to 47 within about 5 laps… so was very happy with that.  Apparently Grant Hackett is at 40…. I must work out if we are using the same measurements….anyhoo…time to go to bed as I have a smashing back/bicep workout scheduled for the morning… jumping chins time…  check out pictures below of the foods I have been eating over the last couple days… look like boring “diet” food to you?  No way.


2 responses to “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…..

  1. Food looks amazing. Glad it hasn’t affected your performance in the gym. Some people find that switching from relying on carbohydrates to relying on fat takes a week or two to get used to when you are training hard. Thank you for your kind mention and good luck.

  2. Great post Donna! Grain free is pretty darn good, I am going back to carb cycling next week with the occasional brown rice or oats but otherwise pretty much Paleo. It does give you amazing energy! Your food all looks delicious too 🙂

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