Day three of challenge

Seriously how easy is it to not eat dairy, grains or processed foods?! Simple. I am feeling the best I have for ages – I am fit, I am lean & strong, I am focussed & determined to achieve everything I set out to achieve and ain’t aiming low either.

Yesterday I slept in and enjoyed healthy foods:

Omelette with mushrooms, zucchini, tomato with spinach leaves & avocado
Beef stew with garden salad & balsamic vinegar with homemade rissoles
Blueberries, strawberries, pear & kiwi fruit with coconut milk (organic light)
Chorizo/squid & tuna with potato, green salad & red wine mmm
Pears& star anise
3 long blacks

Yum yum yum!!! I also did a tabata workout which felt great! Rowing, planks with tap, burpees, side planks with hip raises, jump squats, plank with side rotation, starjumps!!!! Next time I will remember HRM.

Wish I could bottle this feeling 🙂





One response to “Day three of challenge

  1. Hey there… glad you are feeling so great! I’m not quite ready to do something like that yet, but like the idea of cleaning up my eating a bit! Will start planning menus etc.


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