Day 1 of new challenge……

Today I started my new nutrition challenge. To eat super clean, unprocessed foods, to eliminate dairy and grains and ALL processed foods from my diet.

Not having a very good night’s sleep due to my asthma, first time in ages I have been chesty/wheezy, the seasons have definitely changed. So I didn’t go to work, decided that I needed to rest up and sleep and let the extra symbicort dose kick in.  It helped, woke up a few hours later feeling much better and breathing back to normal (for those who have asthma understand….not entirely normal but close).

Didn’t let that stop me, I cleaned out ALL the processed food from my cupboards, flour, cocoa etc things that have been sitting in my cupboard… a whole bag full.  I then had brunch, a couple eggs with a black coffee (which was quite nice), I wrote a list and headed to Mville Metro to get the supplies I would need….  amazing how much CRAP we have at the supermarket.  I tend to eat healthy most of the time and just cannot believe how much processed food is out there – the labelling, the advertising to make you think you are making healthy choices.  I felt very powerful and in control as I glided past the “cereal isle”.   The only items purchased today that were packaged today were almonds, almond meal, organic chicken breast, turkey mince and kangaroo steaks.   Good to see the cost of fruit and veggies in Woolies was the same as the other grocers in the metro (did a quick price comparison before shopping).

So today I have had:
two eggs – omelette with olive oil/oregano & black coffee
apple with blueberries, almonds and strawberries & black coffee
savoury turkey mince with celery, tomato, zucchini, onion, garlic, tomato, spinach (leaves added last)
cup of licorice tea & last two squares of dark chocolate
So have managed to miss lunch (due to getting up late….) am feeling a little hungry  but not starving and just munching on almonds….

It was my Rest day today, trained up big Monday (back/biceps & bodyjam) and Tuesday (legs & bodyjam*), so looking forward to seeing how the next days go with training.

Am enjoying the research/reading into the studies done on this kind of eating plan and getting some great recipes from – I can see I have so many options to chose from when planning out my meals. It makes sense to me. For years I have been interested in nutrition, I have studied nutrition and sports nutrition, I even worked in a hospital in London as a dietitian assistant – I have seen the hype diet fads and I have seen the diseases that comes with the western diet. But we are creatures of habit… it is those habits and pathways that I changed doing the 12WBT.  I gave up drinking for 3 months, I lost weight, I achieved so much, this is just another one to add and I will reap the benefits, I know I will, I can feel it.

I was inspired to go down this eating path by a friend who has started up her own blog…  check out – Anastasia was so excited to start this blog and we discussed it over a coffee on day at Broadway shopping centre. I remember thinking that it sounded like a great plan! I have always had a keen interest in food, what role does it to play in our body, what should we eat and   I look forward to sharing my findings a little more as this challenge progresses.


2 responses to “Day 1 of new challenge……

  1. Morning!
    I have started a clean eating plan (again) too… started yesterday. Looking forward to following your challenge and maybe using you as inspiration when times get tough for me!!
    Jenn x

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