Eating clean, to get lean……..

My mantra during the last few months has been Eat Clean. Train Mean. Be Lean.  On the next leg of my “Bodybeautiful challenge 2011” I am cleaning up my nutrition even more than I have been in the last few months doing the 12WBT program.  My aim is to get my body ticking over like a brand new RED Ferrari… using fuel efficiently to maintain my current muscle and to release the body fat that isn’t required anymore (not that it ever was….well not ALL of it… need a good % of it – you get the idea) and keep my other body functions humming along (you know the heart, lungs, brain, CNS, endocrine just a few necessary functions)…… fuel will be a balance of acid/base foods. 

There are so many different “diets” out there. My philosophy is to eat what is readily available to me, foods that aren’t processed/packaged up with additives, sugars, colours and whatever else.  Taking some great tips from the Paleo diet and ensuring that I don’t eat foods that are too high in acids (hard cheeses, cereal grains, salted foods, processed meats, and legumes)…….   eating food that our ancestors had available to them (ok.. maybe not the variety or the freshness that I will find at the seafood markets, but you get the idea… fresh.

You will read on my previous posts that I have lost a lot of body fat since March 2011 and increased muscle mass by 2.1kgs.  My bone density also increased which means that the foods I ate had a good balance of acid/base foods – a net acid load can promote bone de-mineralization.   I have changed many pathways and habits so far, which has proved to me that it is worth the change, I can adapt new ways of achieving my goals.

So HOW I hear you all asking….  Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, eggs, nuts and oils (flaxseed, walnut, olive) will make up my daily eating plan.  Cutting out dairy, bread/pasta and all processed foods.  Water (and coconut water), tea & coffee (black) & coconut milk is on the plan.   Plus a glass of red from time to time (because I can and am human… moderation is key)! 

Being a highly organised person who loves trying new recipes I am sure this will be lots of fun (and slightly frustrating for the first couple weeks) but am sure the benefits will soon become apparent.  I am sure I will never feel hungry, be tired, have no energy following this plan. 

The hardest food for me to give up definitely will be dairy – but this is due to habits (skim latte or yoghurt with berries).  I can totally have my coffee black or with coconut milk/cream.    The only thing I am bummed about is the big tub of protein powder I have under my desk…. will need to research some protein powders that will fit into my new plan. I think I know a few places to start…….

I look forward to sharing my new plan alongside the training I am doing in the gym… there are going to be some hurdles ahead but hey, I ran City to Surf, surely I can jump over a few hurdles? 

If you have followed a plan like this before or know some handy recipes/tips to keep me sane, please send through. 


2 responses to “Eating clean, to get lean……..

  1. Can’t wait to hear how you go!

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