Life after 12WBT..

With one more sleep until I head to Brisvegas for the 12WBT Body Transformation group workout and finale party I am feeling very happy and a little emotional about my finishing the journey with Mish and her FAB team.

I have met some amazing people on this journey. I can truly say I have made some great friends and will continue to grow, be inspired and laugh often because of them (you know who you are). Some have inspired me above and beyond with the goals they have achieved, they have definitely had a big part to play and will always be part of my fabulous journey.  

Knowing I had support was important to me to help me in achieving my goals. You can have all the self-belief in the world but having that little support network truly does help.    We all need a helping hand or a kick up the butt from time to time and we surround ourselves with friends that will do both for us.  So for ANYONE who is looking at changing their life, the way they think, feel and move, I would totally recommend this 12-week program.  If you aren’t strong enough mentally to really give yourself a good push out of your comfort zone (and stay there) I would recommend this program to you.  It is structured really well, with awesome food ideas, recipes, weekly video’s and forums of hundreds of people going through possibly the same thing as you. Whether you need to lose 1kg or want to do 10 full body pushups, this program will help you be accountable.

All Mish asked at the beginning of the first round back in February was for me to meet her half way and it will work.  I met her half way and then some and have totally re-shaped my body, my mind and my attitude towards life in so many ways I never though possible. Mentally I feel like I can achieve anything and just happen to have a body that is ready to tackle it also.  Homeostasis. My body is in balance.

So I am not continuing on with Round 3 – I think that compliments how great this program is,  a good trainer should be able to train and let go of clients knowing they have the tools and drive to continue.  Not only do I have both those things but a new group of fabulous (and mad, crazy) friends who I will continue to meet up with and train on Sunday’s and enjoy other challenges out and about (triathlons, mud runs and GOD knows what else)!

I am lean, strong, walking the walk and a woman of my word. I am the best version I can be and feeling on top of the world.

Now bring on the HUGE group workout on Saturday! Outdoor session with Mish and the 12WBTers from all around Australia and New Zealand (miss Vicky) before partying the night away at the Hilton on Saturday night.  What a great way to finish the two rounds, all frocked up with a glass of champers in hand.



2 responses to “Life after 12WBT..

  1. Well done. Have a fabulous time in Brisbane!

  2. I’d forgotten Michelle’s comment about meeting her halfway…. your blog post was a great reminder.

    You’ll do great off the program (and I look forward to the ongoing updates!).

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