My first C2S

Today I ran 14kms. That is the longest run I have ever done, ever! I have never been a runner or interested in running!! I used to run at school & hated it, I preferred basketball, netball, high/long jump, swimming – anything except boring running! Trekking & climbing mountains is my thing! I have done some amazing treks, but no big runs.

I always used to say I am a swimmer not a runner! I always signed up for short runs & preferred trekking for distance!

I never had any desire to run any half or full marathons, years of sport gave me many “muscle imbalances & overuse injuries”, add “dodgy” knees to the mix, I just thought that mixed with no intention to run never saw me run more than 5kms (stopping a few times)!!

Today my goal was to walk the first half & then see how I felt to run the last half! The yellow 12WBTers met up & all where keen to go!! Everyone started running, ducking & weaving in the crowds! I thought man how on earth am I going to keep this pace up. My coffee at this stage had nervously worked it’s way through which left me needing a pit stop at Double Bay! The aim was to catch up with the others. After standing in the line for what felt like forever I watched as St John Ambulance performed CPR on a man, not sure if he made it, didn’t look good! I remember thinking, we just started!? Gosh I hope he pulled through.

I started running, thinking I have to catch the others. I weaved in & out and passed heaps of people & before I knew it I was running up heartbreak hill chuckling at the RSVP signs along the way (you look hot right now)!! It was then I realized I had run 7kms (pretty much), I then had this idea to just run the rest! I felt strong, had lots of power in my legs & my breathing was totally in control (not bad for no training & asthmatic)! My fitness levels since February have totally increased, 11.5kgs lighter helps! My 1km time trial has gone from 5:49 to 4:35 in 12 weeks. I couldn’t believe I was excited to run, I had no iPod on to distract me & was just plodding along on my own & felt amazing.

The hip flexors were feeling it & knees slightly twinged a couple time but other than that, I was running! I wanted to keep going & had NO negative thoughts about my ability at all. I just knew I wanted to run it all & that is exactly what I did.
Happiest day ever, what a strong way to finish Round 2.



4 responses to “My first C2S

  1. Great post Donna. You are so inspirational and incredible. I can’t believe you are still awake actually!! Congrats on an amazing achievement. Now I think it is time for a runner (you) to go to bed. lol..

  2. We’ll make a runner of you yet…hehehe. Actually, running the whole way means you ARE a runner, like it or not!

  3. Way to go! Awesome achievement, well along with everything else you have achieved through out your 12wbt journey x

  4. Congrats on the run. It’s amazing and well done on hanging in there and doing more than you planned to do!


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