It feels like the night before Christmas….

This week for me is an emotional one. In a good way. I am feeling very happy, sad and super excited about the last week of the Michelle Bridge 12 Week Body Transformation.  Tomorrow is the final weigh-in and I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas.  This is the start of so many great things.  I don’t fear the scales. I am thrilled that I am achieving my goals, because I know I have put in 100% effort into my training and nutrition.

I have come so much further than I ever thought I would on this journey. I will admit that when I signed up I thought, I just need to lose the weight and I will be back on track.  It has been more about the emotional and mental journey that I have been on since February 2011.  

I have lost 11.5kgs and am around 51kgs of lean muscle mass. My bodyfat has decreased and I am leaner and stronger.  I am benching 35kgs (I can do 40kgs but need a spotter), deadlifting 50kgs and squatting 6okgs.  Am doing full pushups with one hand on a medicine ball, things I never thought I could do 6 months ago. 

Mentally I am so so strong! No excuses anymore, I have changed the way I think about myself, my pathways have changed and will continue to change as I progress further.  I am the best version of ME.  Onwards and upwards.  I have made so many great friends along this journey, it will be sad in a way to not continue and do Round 3, but I feel like it is my time to continue on my own path. I have set myself another goal to achieve by 1 October and boy, I cannot wait to share that one – not just yet.  Some people know, have only revealed to a few close peeps the challenge, because I know they will totally understand. 

Final weigh-in tomorrow, no matter what those scales say, I am already on top of the world. I have already achieved everything I had hoped to achieve (and soo much more)!! 

Now let the fun continue!


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