Taking chances….

I could quote all the motivational song lyrics that come to mind after reading the above  but one from RENT sticks in my mind…… There’s only this, Forget regret– or life is yours to miss. No other road, No other way, No day but today
Taking chances are a part of life and taking a chance on making yourself improve your health & wellbeing isn’t as big a risk as we initially fear.  We fear failure, but constantly set ourselves up to fail. Why is that…

We have all heard the saying “learn from your mistakes”, I think that is true, but we need to learn from them and then leave them.  Move on. Move forwards.

Taking a chance on Mish was the best move I made earlier this year. Taking a chance to better myself.  Taking a chance to actually get my fitness back and be the best I can be. Taking a chance to start working as a PT again.   I still see so many confused 12WBTers who still are focusing on the things they “haven’t achieved”.  Some have lost lots of weight but still get down about what they haven’t accomplished…  one 12WBTer posted on facebook today that she realised she is now fitter, slimmer and happier than she was before, she may not be reaching the goal she set herself but realises the overall change she has made, she took the chance and is progressing in leaps and bounds. That is progress, even if the scales don’t agree.

Who cares what people think? Don’t live up to anyone elses expectations.. only yours.  I am giving it my ALL, I am trying things and think “fuck it, if I fall on my face at least I have tried”….. I am adopting all I have learnt  into everyday life, into achieving the best at work, at the gym and in my relationships. 

Life is taking chances, everyday. Go forward. Live. Life. Smile.


3 responses to “Taking chances….

  1. Wow what an amazing and very inspiring blog post…. I feel so very priviledged to have met you through this current 12wbt round and you inspire me to continue to reach for the inreachable. I also can’t wait to see you achieve your goals.

  2. Donna

    Great post. You know I’m v.bad at comparing myself to others, worrying what others think and don’t take risks I should. I ‘think’ I’m getting better and I love that you and others (via Twitter, FB etc) keep me honest and don’t let me get away with negative self-talk and doubt!


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