Final countdown….

The next two weeks are going to go SO fast I can feel it. The last 10 weeks has just flown by with Round 2 of the 12 Week transformation program!  Last week I was feeling strong at the start but had a bit of an anxiety attack half way through – have I done enough, will I get the results… it happened at the exact same place the last round, so I  knew that it was going to be ok.  We learn new things everyday about how we react to certain situations.  The smart voice in my  head told me that I have worked very hard to get where I am and the results will show. 

Friday evening for me was a great night!  I went to the gym and decided to do my SSS circuit that I created in Week 6 on the 12WBT.  I think I have to update it as it was a little to easy for me – it was challenging in some parts  but overall felt it needed something…

Donna’s Strength & Stabilizing Smashit up Session
Warm up on rower – 3 x 400m – aim for 2:20 split
Alternating with 10 burpees
Complete circuit below, aim for 3 x rounds, finish each exercise before moving onto next one, limited rest during each round

20 bodyweight squats *or dumbbell squat press with 5-10kg db*
20 pushups on toes or walking pushups on step/medicine ball
10 jump squats on box
20 walking lunges holding weight (5-15kg plate, 10-15kgdumbbell or 5-10kg medicine ball)
20 renegade rows with 4-8kg dumbbells (alternating arms, 10 each arm) 
10 jumping pull ups
10 tricep dips
10 plank to push up

 The full push ups on the medicine ball were amazing, I managed 12 full ones the first round, had a break and did the other 8! Felt so good, so strong and in control – not only have I worked up my strength to do full push ups again, I exceeded that by doing them with one hand on a medicine ball. HUGE results for me. I also did more tricep pushups on MY TOES in a row!!  Love love love this feeling…. I even added burpees at the end of the fourth round -oh yeah did an extra round as Justin was still up to round 3… only because I got to the gym earlier and started before him… haha… we are machines!  Going to edit this SSS for next smash it up day… thinking more burpees and some turkish get ups will fit in nicely.

So, week 11, the final countdown is on and for me that isn’t the end of the road.  I have another goal for post 12WBT, well I have a couple goals but a new goal that not too many people know about and I am very, very excited about. That goal date is the 1 October – two short months. So even though I am not signing up for Round 3 of the 12WBT challenge I will continuing my journey onwards and upwards.

This isn’t just a program that I am on, this is my life. This is how I choose to live and train and I love it.  I love feeling in control, love exceeding my expectations and goals I set, love being a woman of my word and being the best I can be.  So this isn’t the end but really the beginning of so many doors opening.


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