Consistency, both the clean and dirty kind…..

Being consistent with my training and nutrition is my mindset at the moment – no excuses and no regrets. No feeling guilty. I am in control of being the best I can be. ME. Keeping consistent with clean eating and dirty training is my mindset for the next four weeks. There will be blood (pumping through my muscles and veins that is)sweat and tears, will be pushing myself even harder for these last four weeks. My goals are in view, I can visualise them – I am even dreaming about them!!! So close I can reach out and almost touch it… and I will in four weeks. When I get all ready in my new frock, I will be smiling, I will be proud, I will feel amazing because I know I will have given it everything I have. Training hard, eating clean.


One response to “Consistency, both the clean and dirty kind…..

  1. Well done Donna! You are so focussed. I need to take a leaf out of your book – particularly when it comes to the consistency in eating and exercising and NO guilt!


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