Pathways and habits…..

For me the mindset has really kicked in this Round (second round for me) I have a rule everyday that I live by: “Will I be shitty with myself if I eat this (cake, chocolate, whatever), if the answer is yes, I walk away”. Making a mental note as I go. By realising that I HAD habits, I realised that my brain had already sent me the message saying “you will just eat this because this is what you have done every other day at this time, or the last time you had this mood (PMS, frustrated, bored, excited)”. Recognising that it is THE HABITS I need to break for me to program NEW mental pathways to good snacking/eating/exercise habits.

Booking rewards for myself has always been my favourite way to celebrate milestones reached, and the rewards are always something pampering for me (mani/pedi, massage that isn’t remedial, a play or dance show that is in town etc) It is like a constant reminder that I have to ensure I am making smart choices everyday to achieve my goals. I know that when I sit down and choose my OPI colour at the Nail Spa in Newtown, I have smashed myself, I have challenged myself, I have pushed that little bit harder – whatever the goal is personally for me! Sometimes the goal is just having a positive mind-set for the week, to have all my meals packed, including snacks for the entire week, that takes time and prep… but I have the reward in my mind and smile as I know I am going to enjoy that pampering session Another habit that I have stuck with is a REST day. Yes a REST day…

The old voice in my head used to gasp loudly whenever I thought or mentioned a REST day, it was a HABIT for me to still train, go and do a double class or something and wondering WHY I wasn’t achieving the results I had worked so hard to achieve. NOT ANYMORE. I know that REST is just as important as TRAINING!! I do remember going to the doctor a couple years ago thinking I had chronic fatigue (love self diagnosis) and he was like you are fit and healthy, you just need REST! As he knows me quite well he was like “do I need to get the dictionary out for you to explain what REST means”! It was quite funny….. well not at the time… I thought I had something HUGELY wrong with me. I didn’t my poor body just wanted some freaking time out.

So I have learnt to think about HOW I am going to feel and react about making food/exercise choices, is it a habit?

Do I really want it or am I just travelling down the same pathways? Not labelling things good or bad helps also.



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