Eye on the prize….

When you can visualize the final outcome & you smile, then think “holy shit” I can see exactly where I am heading you know that you are on track.

As Queen sang “don’t stop me now”, that is how I am feeling! There isn’t an end to this journey for me, I look forward to continuing, challenging myself even more.

So a big goal today was getting back into training others – my first session back as a PT! The session went well, one guy showed up out of five registered, so was his lucky day to get a 1:1 session! M I will call him is a runner/cyclist who is keen to challenge himself & get stronger – he had never boxed before so we smashed out a running/boxing session with pushups, squats, sit-ups, step ups & lunges & he had a great session!! I loved that I was running & talking with him the entire session and not out of breath – my fitness has returned 🙂 great feeling today!!

My next challenge is tonight increasing my weights for chest training!!


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