Training with Michelle Bridges…..

 Technically I have been training with Michelle for just over four months now as part of her online 12 week body transformation program since earlier on in the  year.  I signed up because I had put on a shit lot of weight and was in denial,  Big time. Yes I was still training like a mad woman but wasn’t eating the right foods and was in denial about those night time snacks (but cereal is healthy?!?).

To date I have lost 10kgs on the scales, nearly 6% of my total bodyfat and I have increased muscle and am 50kg of lean mass.  I am on the road to being the best I can be and it is a freaking unbelieveable journey.  I have finally switched onto the reasons why I eat (without the excuses of being a woman, PMS, the day ends in Y) etc.  I have found that light switch again.  This time it won’t go off. Guarantee you on that.

Before and after shots below… (being irish have put me after-shot first and then before-shot…).  This is the most weight I have put on in my life and it felt horrible. I wasn’t in control. I was unhappy.  Too busy ensuring others were fit, healthy and not taking my own advice.  Not listening to the inner voice that was screaming “STOP AND HAVE A LOOK AT YOURSELF”.

So even though we train with Mish at the end of the round before the finale party I didn’t get too as I was in Perth celebrating a family event! So I was totally stoked when I got a call from Lisa to say that she won a training session with Mish through a Rebel Sport/Adidas competition.    Excited much?  I was super excited, Mish is a trainer that I admire and respect, she is a woman of her word and she walks the talk, no bullshit, just actions!  So WOULD I LIKE TO TRAIN WITH HER?  Hell yes was the answer!  Not to mention training with some other 12 week friends AND getting a complete new Adidas outfit (top, bottom, shoes and socks)! 

It was a great session! Mish is so down to earth, approachable and has all the great values I respect and admire in a trainer.  We did a mix of tabata training, rowing, running (ahem level 13 on the treadmill for me, yikes) boxing and a kick arse circuit to finish us off…. yes I got a good workout, yes it was hard, but I did it and felt like a million bucks after it.  It was weigh in the next day that I hit the 10kg lost milestone and I am on top of the world.  The old Donna is back. For good. 

Thanks Mish. For giving me a chance to step up and be a woman of my word. TO meet you half way and trust that I can be the best version of ME. Because I deserve to be.


3 responses to “Training with Michelle Bridges…..

  1. That is fantastic Donna! You look great and the results speak for themselves!

  2. You go girl! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your before shot. You are looking smoking hot 🙂
    I know exactly how you felt – I was the same, exercising lots but the weight had crept on through snacking & other bad eating habits. Before I knew it I was waaaaay heavier than I had ever been, non-pregnant. I hated it 🙂
    Sounds like you guys had a blast at training with Mish!

  3. Love it Donna – you are a true inspiration!

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