Increasing the calories….to increase muscle.

Second half of the 12WBT and it is time for me to start increasing calorie intake and increasing the intensity and sessions for weights at the gym.  I am a little anxious and nervous, but most of all I am excited. I can visualise the body I am sculpting now – I can see the changes and I am looking forward to seeing the final results.  Looking at pictures of me I see skinny arms, I want definition everywhere!  I am hungry…..

The voice inside my head still has a little bit of fear, the fear that I might (gasp) but on weight but it is over-ridden by my logical side of the brain telling it, that it requires extra fuel to grow and increase muscle mass.  The scales from this point  are irrelevant.  I have done this before, I know I can do it, I have NO EXCUSES – time to be the best I can be.

My next dexascan is booked in, I am being accountable and recording everything I eat everyday will help also.  Ensure that I eat a balanced diet and make smart choices.


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