No more cardio for me….

Now that I am down to 75kgs, the weight I normally am, or used to be…. I am ready to cut out cardio classes and concentrate on doing a 3-day weights split.   I have been training weights and doing crossfit and tabata training for the last couple of weeks but now need to cease cardio and increase the weight training…. I am so excited. 

Aiming to do the split as follows:

Chest/triceps, Back/biceps, Legs/shoulders

Ensuring I have lots of core activation during exercises and using the bosu/swiss ball and TRX for training.  Will still keep tabata and crossfit challenges going and definitely will ensure a bodybalance class  is scheduled in weekly to further strengthen the core and stretch me out!  Now I just need to workout where I put the day OFF…. hm…….

My body is changing shape and I am super excited about this extra weight training, will be eating super clean, good protein at every meal (including snacks)!   I think my protein muffins/brownies will be resurfacing for some clean but YUMMY snacks during the next five weeks.    Have experimented and made some tasty high protein muffins, with egg whites, oats and banana, with some vanilla, cinnamon and stevia to flavour. mmm.

Have been reading my past blog, that I haven’t updated for ages…  Get Fit with Dons… my how time flies..the TOOLS are so there, just need to use them!


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