I am hungry and want more…..

Week Six is here! Half way through the Michelle Bridges 12 week transformation program and I am feeling the leanest and fittest I have for at least 3years!  I am for the first time since my early twenties doing full pushups and finding them easy.  This is such a big measurement for me, it means I am STRONGER. All the hard work I am putting into my training is showing and I am noticing the changes everyday.

Nutrition is back on track and I am noticing the difference immediately when I mix eating clean with training hard… funny that.    This journey is so amazing, the mental learning is key, not to compare my current training to the training I did years ago but accepting the new training routine and how I am adapting now!  

I am hungry and want more… not hungry for food but for harder challenges and for more results…   I have a HUGE goal and only a few people close to me know about it… so will keep it under wraps for now (oh and Nessie on Twitter…sshhh).  But I am determined…..  This last six weeks is going to be a BLAST!  I cannot wait to see the end result whooo hoooo.


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