My re-commitment

This is my re-commitment to the 12WBT transformation program – being the best I can be.  The last week has been a tough one for nutrition – I dropped the ball with my organising food ahead of time and being prepared and it showed on the scales.  I blamed PMS for getting into a bad headspace, when really it came down to NOT BEING ORGANISED!

Putting on 800g isn’t that much  I should of been prepared and ready to tackle those PMS excuses !!  The positive thing to note is that I trained very well and smashed myself.. so just goes to show how much nutrition pays a BIG part in changing your body! (that voice in my head is agreeing)!

I re-commit to 100% clean nutrition commencing yesterday. I am accountable for what I put in my mouth and for preparing my week ahead of food, snacks and red flag events. 

I am being accountable and writing down everything I eat everyday.    I am also being accountable by sending my food diary to AC every week (thanks Amanda).  I am feeling back on the train tracks to goalville and loving the journey still, even if I did make a little pit stop. 


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