Dons Guns – May 2011

Re focusing on my goals for Round 2 challenge.  Reduce bodyfat, increase muscle. Definition in biceps, abs and shoulders! Strength in my training – full body pushups, chinups/pullups – to be able to complete 5 unassisted pullups. To be able to do 40 full pushups without stopping. 

I am re-committing to myself, Mish and the 12WBT team who I just love, the support is awesome and always there in my mind when I am training. 

My three month goal: –

To have shed up to 5% body fat, increased lean muscle from 49kg mass to 53kg mass, abs showing more definiton!!    Two months to go and already I am on track. Dexascan booked for the 30 June, soo looking forward to seeing what the results are.  Lots of clean eating, training and recovery/rest/stretching to do.

being the best version of me

Bring on summer… think this was the last time I was comfortable being in a bikini – I was so tall and lanky as a kid…..   nice to have some shape and muscles to show off!


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