Strong, committed and focused…..

Well we are into Week 4 of the 12WBT, Round 2!  Time flies when you are having fun, challening oneself and focusing on the big picture. I have a visual of what I want to achieve, and I like it! It isn’t scary anymore and I know deep down I can achieve my goals.  The scales and measurements are looking good!  I have lost a total of 2.9kgs in four weeks (3.69%), with cm’s off waist, hips/butt and thigh (left thigh – which was a few cms bigger than the right one…).

Fitness test is this week, looking forward to seeing how I conquor the strength part – pushups.  Loving that I am completing full pushups again, and feeling strong when I do so.  NEVER TOO OLD!

My fitness test four weeks ago:

Run 5min 15seconds – Pushups 15F/25K – Wall sit 3min14secs – Sit&Reach +7cm – Ab Stage 5

I am not too fussed on the 1km run time, but I know the little competitor in me won’t let me down. 5min15seconds is the time to beat.  After running 4.8km on the interval circuit the other day, I am feeling fit and strong.. so watch out track.  I will get the music pumping !

Committed I am  (in yoda voice) to changing the HABITS I have created for myself.  My name is Donna Martin and I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage for 24days.  This isn’t necessarily a HARD challenge but I am noticing a pattern in how often I feel the need to “reach for a vino”…   IN the 24days I have only really struggled twice for a glass of red, so that isn’t too bad at all.  Round 1 red wine was my vice, I found that I stayed off all other sugars/chocolate etc – this round it is hard to give up both… But I am determined and am flexing my willpower muscle.


This was taken just over two years ago – I was 72.5kgs. I am 2.6kgs off being that weight again, but have MORE muscle and am MUCH stronger! I love it. Thanks Mish xxx


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