Common sense

A good friend of mine Anastasia writes the best articles which I love, as it resets my focus when it comes to “dieting”. It brings my attention back to how the body works to fuel itself @ recover from everyday stresses (exercise, work etc)

As a trainer I always advise my clients to learn about the human body instead of just being sheep & following the latest fads/diets. Asking WHY? learning to eat well, exercise & rest as part of your lifestyle, not “just” wanting to keep losing weight all the time. remember a diet is something you “go on” & then “come off”. What will you have achieved? Whoopee you might of lost weight but have you learnt anything? Losing weight isn’t the main focus for the 12WBT, it is making you be accountable for what you do to your body! It is a combination of eating healthy, learning about your body, getting healthier on the inside, mentally, physically & moving your body to keep disease risks low, as a result you will change your body shape!

Working out why you eat the way you do & god forbid, stepping outside the box and just freaking do it (JFDI) stop being such a baby! Patterns & habits are hard to change, and as Mish always says “no excuses”! Use YOUR brain & common sense to decide how you are going to treat your body.

Question: what is fats purpose in the body?


One response to “Common sense

  1. You have hit it on the head, Dons. It is easy to lose weight temporarily, just gotta stop eating everything you love and exercise like crazy for a few weeks. Then you come off it and you are back where you started plus a few. The real challenge is to have a deep true knowledge about what is happening in your body.
    I know that I don’t have the answers. I also know that people are going to disagree with some things that I say. But my real aim is to get people to question what they think they know. Be more skeptical, more inquisitive, more critical of everything you hear. This way you will never slide into the complacent “I know it all” mode.
    Good luck on your journey, Donna.

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