Blogging Challenge – Strengths

The blogging challenge :

What I want from this blogging challenge is …
tell me about your STRENGTHS I WANT to know about your physical strengths. I WANT to know about your mental strenghts. I WANT to know about the habits you have that make you strong I WANT to know what it is about you that makes you the fighter that is inside.
You can’t just tell me one thing. Tell me what makes you strong.

Make me BELIEVE it! Make me BELIEVE you are going to fight for your health and you HAVE the power!Tell me what prepares you to fight these 12 weeks now to make you extraordinary.What is deep inside you that means you are going to succeed.And how are you going to use those strengths??
Inspire me.Cause you ARE inspirational to me.Now I want to be sure that YOU believe it..

This week is all about strengths…   what are my physical, mental strengths that are going to let me succeed in this 12 week transformation challenge…. 

I thrive on a challenge, I love a bit of drama and need that little bit of stress pumping through my body to make me feel alive. I have always been a go getter – if I want something I tend to just snap into fighter mode and challenge myself to achieve the best I can. 

The main thing that will allow me to succeed in this challenge is I have learnt to channel my energy into every aspect of my life, ensuring I have a good work, life, balance.  Learning from ALL my experiences to help other areas of my life. 

Accepting who I AM and what I CAN achieve is so important to me, I set my goals and set them much lower than I used to, still high expectations, but reachable ones. Goals that I am excited about and not just doing to prove myself to others.  My family and friends believe I can achieve anything I set my heart out to achieve, I need to believe that 100% too.

My physical strengths  – I have the muscle memory, my body knows it can achieve whatever I set out to do, I have been training for years and I can achieve power, strength, flexibility, agility… I just have to adapt my training to suit my goals. I have the advantage of being aware of what muscle twinges are what and know how to change training to adapt.

My mental strengths – having the “can do” attitude, stubborness comes into play too, I know I am strong minded, enthusiastic, organised and know I have the positive outlook and things in my mind aren’t just black and white. I use past achievements to spur me on… once you have a positive outlook you notice things you normally would of overlooked. I look in the mirror and tell myself I am powerful, strong and WORTH it everyday.

One thing I learnt from Oprah was to ask myself at the end of everyday, “did you do your best today, did you achieve what you set out too, are you happy with how you handled things”….  If the answer is yes, fabulous, if the answer is no, honestly work out WHY things didn’t go to plan – did you expect too much, was their external influences outside your control or were you self sabotaging…. this really works for me, and I find I sleep better and wake up ready for the new day.

My Habits –I think years of having different sports coaches at school or swimming, basketball etc has created healthy habits for preparing a JUST DO IT attitude.  Just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, I have always had exercise & healthy habits in my life – I thrive on the adrenalin rush, that feeling of being pumped and sweating at the gym, increasing the weights on the bar, swimming that extra few laps quicker than I did the week before.  Exercise is my drug of choice. My body is ready to train and can put in the effort 110% – I am getting into the habit of not listening to my mind give up & trusting the body again – I am pushing that little bit further.

Getting up and dusting yourself off when you do fall is key, get up and get on with it! 

I have the passion, the drive, the determination to achieve the GOALS I SET OUT TO ACHIEVE.   I am proud of the way I just do it. Learning all the time, I am constantly a sponge soaking in information and surrounding myself with positive people who have a great outlook on life… the KISS method… Keep It Simple Stupid.



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