Week 3 – lock up that barking inner labrador!

I love the expression “tame your inner labrador” such a strong expression, to make you stop and think about the inner voices telling you it is ok to eat this, snack on that…. no matter how CUTE it is, you must train this inner voice, once it is under control, things get easier I notice.  If the labrador starts playing up I just lock it outside.

Controlling the urges to snack when bored, upset, tired seems hard to me somedays, but I know it is a HABIT like any other that I must break and work out WHY I am wanting to snack.. why is this cute doggie wanting to jump up on my lap and why do I let it so freely somedays?  Because I have let it jump so many times before.

Last week after a big gym session I went to Foodworks to get bits and pieces for dinner, the inner labrador was locked outside the shop – shopping when hungry is not a good thing, but I didn’t listen to the pup, I brought what I needed and no extras!

It is a GREAT feeling being in control!


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