A true friend…..

Being on this fitness transformation journey you soon learn that your friends are either going to support you 100% or they are going to be a bit wary of what you are trying to achieve.    I am very lucky to have amazing friends, people that I have met either at work, living overseas, travels or funnily enough at the gym.  They know me, they get me (most of the time), they know that I am a fitness freak, who enjoys bashing it out at the gym, who loves exercise and am always challenging myself whether it be breast cancer runs, MS – walks/runs, triathlons… treks in Thailand or New Zealand… they know that is just me and accept me for who I am.  I like to think I attract like-minded people too – honest, down-to-earth, good fun peeps, who don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy life and what is thrown at them.

My true friends know that I am not really as tough as I like to think I am and understand that even though my idea of a relaxed weekend is totally different to how they would imagine a relaxing weekend, they never judge me or make me feel guilty for achieving what I set out to achieve.  For this I thank you all, you all know who you are, you know how much your friendship means to me and thanks for being honest when I need it the most! 

I have been reading on the forums for the 12WBT challenge and see that some peoples friends and family can sabotage them and make them feel guilty for choosing a healthier, fitter life – it is hard, you will get people that want you to fail, it makes them feel better!  You have to stand up for YOU and do what YOU feel will make a difference in YOUR life.  Your family and friends will soon stop and notice the amazing results and see that YOU are even more awesome (which you should already know)!   

I had a phone call yesterday from a friend who has been reading my blog and just wanted to call to tell me that she loved reading about my journey and it was truly really nice, I love that even though you don’t see each other often, your friends are always there for you – and when the going gets a little tough, remember  that people aren’t mind readers… friendship is a two-way street.



3 responses to “A true friend…..

  1. “A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.” ~Author Unknown

    Another great post Donna. This journey certainly does separate the true friends from those that can’t see past their own lives to celebrate others.

    M xx

  2. Haha good saying M – a little half-cracked! Love it… I love that I have met some new friends too, but that is part of the new journey!

  3. rockafellaskank


    I love this. I am v.lucky as my friends and family are v.supportive – though I do have a long way to go and perhaps they are worried about my health (in the event I don’t lose the 40-50kg I need to lose). Even when I was slimmer and always trying to diet my friends would suggest our catch ups be over a walk, or they’d choose venues with healthy options etc.

    My family is very much the same.

    Your post (and the comments others make about their friends / family) reminds me that I must be grateful that those around me ARE so supportive, and thank them for that from time to time.


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