Express yourself….

Listening to Madonna this morning was a great way to travel into work, was running late due to me either switching off my alarm or not setting it all together… all I know is I woke up at 8am and had 10hrs sleep… I know some people would think that to be an awesome sleep but I find more than 8-9 hours is too much.  So zombie like I was on train… feeling blergh that I hadn’t gone for my planned morning swim… but packed my kit to go at lunch time – not ideal but will make it work.

I love Madonna – I suppose having grown up listening to her music I can say she has been a big influence in my life.  I got my first Madge tape (pre CD for those born in 1980 and above) when I was 13 – True Blue… I can still remember being so excited and listening to it over and over and over again, until it wore out and I had to get the record… (pre tape for those born in 1980 and above….) and another copy on tape.

Human Nature is a song about life, having no regrets and being who YOU are…   express yourself, be who you are and not repressing yourself to make other people happy or giving them power over you. 

The 12WBT journey for me is about having no regrets and becoming the best person I can be, by training hard and eating clean, being positive and planning out my week.  I love weight training, I love the pump and the excitement of going up in weights and won’t repress myself to make others feel comfortable about that, everyone works at their own pace and takes each individual time to work up to weight training and increasing the weights – I have been training weights for years now and am comfortable to mix it up and pump it up!  I know that weights will make me stronger, leaner and not BULK UP or HUGE…  my entire body shape is changing and this is only the beginning.


One response to “Express yourself….

  1. Great post! I love your enthusiasm and passion 🙂

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