Likes what she sees in the mirror….

Had a great training session at the gym last night – trained chest, biceps and triceps plus did some treadmill and rower work.   I pushed myself with the weights and realised that soon I will need a trainer or a spotter to assist me before I end up knocking myself unconscious…  isn’t it strange that I can bench press 30kgs worth of dumbbells, but carrying them to and from the rack is sometimes harder than the actual exercise itself?!   I felt strong and in control with training last night, the core switched on and I had great form.  I am enjoying the bicep curls with 20kg ezycurl bar and I can go heavier, mixing it up with incline bicep curls and concentration curls helps fatigue those puppies.  Amongst the boys at the gym (shock horror no other girl training weights) I was checking my form in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t swinging with the extra weight on the bar and had elbows in and noticed the upper half of my body has totally changed shape and looking great!  I had a little grin to myself and kept pumping… lve moments like those…  

Tricep dips on two benches and skullcrushers felt strong last night also, got some overhead tricep work in on the ropes and pushups (chest and triceps).   Got some leg stretches, foam roller and rehab work in amongst the treadmill sprints and rowing sprints… I felt really good and am noticing that I am not burning as many calories as I used to… a good sign!  To push harder!

So onwards and upwards, am feeling really good after my post yesterday, felt like I have released some shit and moving forwards with my training and life confidently.


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