Having faith in yourself….

If you don’t believe in yourself and believe that YOU can achieve the goals that you want, you are on the path to failure! I am a big believer of self-belief, even though I do struggle with this sometimes! having the strength to put one foot forward in front of the other towards a challenge is the only way you can succeed.

I know that fear is a scarey thing, it can cripple you and make you feel so tiny and not confident at all.  I rely on my previous successes in life (fitness, work or relationships) to guide me on my new journeys.  I am a true believer that all areas of your life are connected, if you succeed in work, you too will be able to succeed in your fitness training – apply the same principles and make them SMART principles…  (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely)…

I use many things as my driving force!  My first triathlon, Oxfam walks, completing my Certificate IV in Fitness etc.  Hurdles that I managed to jump, climb or scale over!!  I still remember my first exam at TAFE – anatomy – remembering all the muscles, insertion points etc… got to love Latin (not) the exam was a tough one, closed book – after the exam, I remember getting the bus from work to TAFE, knowing the exam results were in!  I honestly had a feeling I had failed, 43% was the number I kept telling myself.  Of course I passed and got second highest in the class (from memory 73%) but the lesson was how I had dealt with my feelings on the bus, the way I didn’t get anxious, panic or get upset, I just calmly told myself that if I fail, I can sit the exam again, I can work on the areas that I didn’t grasp and do it again.  That is the force that I refer to when I need it…   though saying that, passing was the confidence boost I needed though to really push me in my studies…

Life is a great journey, with many hurdles, if you have faith in yourself you will jump those hurdles and learn how to deal with them if they pop up again.  If you stack it over the hurdles (that is me being long-legged and clumsy – high school flashbacks) pick yourself up and brush off any track dust and take a longer run up!

I have faith in myself, I have faith in myself… I do.


One response to “Having faith in yourself….

  1. Thanks for this Donna! I’m doing my Cert III and IV now, and just had an exam the other day. I was so nervous! I wish I had read this before hand!! xx

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