First weigh in day for Round 2 a SUCCESS!

A loss on the scales today has put me in a great frame of mind!! Yes it is the weight that I had put on post Round 1 –  but still feeling fabulous about the loss and excited to continue on this journey to BEING THE BEST PERSON I CAN BE!

For the first half of this round my goal is to get bodyfat down and increase muscle.  I know in a few weeks the scales might not truly “reflect” the changes that are happening in my body and I will then need the dexascan (already booked) to see how my journey is going.  Ideally my goal weight is around 71kgs but that is too slim for me if I was to just continue “losing weight”, I will be slender, but with muscle, so my bodyshape looks lean and firm!  Don’t like looking skinny – spent most of my childhood being the tall skinny girl with chicken legs. 

Muscle muscle muscle is my goal!  I want strength and definition…. Body measurements done with tape and dexascan to be my main progress guides. Ok and flexing a little in the mirror… hee hee.


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