The little things count…

Was flat at the gym last night and still feeling very flat today, as if all the events on the weekend caught up with me – so emotionally drained and not feeling much today, but managed to get to the gym last night and push out some good weights for back (assisted pullups, lat pulldown, upright rows, single arm rows, seated row etc) and felt it this morning, and managed to get up and head to the gym to do a great chest workout – good weights, good reps, pushed the full push-ups and even got onto the cross-trainer and did a couple kms.  The knee is still sore ,but lateral moves are ok… time and patience Donna, time and patience.

So the above is my mantra for today and anyday I need – to enjoy the small things in life, because not everyday has to be a big, busy, highly energetic day – and you know what, that is ok.

Small things that make me smile today – Rebecca our mail star, delivering a package containing a video camera my sister sent me, to capture my 12WBT progress.  Knowing that I have dinner tonight with some girlfriends, who always put a smile on my dial.  The emotional moment I had last night when I realised that I am CAPABLE of achieving anything I set out to achieve, including doing pullups UNASSISTED. I can do it.

Even my stars today are aligned with my mood – great as always Cainer!

‘Buzz, buzz.’ That’s not the sound of a bee in your bonnet – nor even the noise of a hornet under your hat. It’s the acoustic output of a mental mechanism that’s at maximum capacity. Your brain is beginning to hum like an overloaded electrical circuit. It has simply got too much to cope with, but it won’t give up in despair. It is, after all, YOUR brain – and you are no quitter. Make your thoughts optimistic and constructive. If you are thinking about anything other than a happy outcome to a current drama, you are thinking the wrong thing.


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