One more sleep until Round 2

The night before round 2 feels much different to how I was over 12weeks ago for round 1- I am excited, pumped, motivated, hyper (more than normal), buzzing – my week is organized & I have two red flag data that aren’t even stressing me! This time I am not freaking out.

Weekend has been a great one – a few hiccups to test me (knee & neck injuries) but I am mentally ready to tackle this round – I am having to adapt my week training for knee but that will allow me to get nutrition 100%!

Enjoyed our MS practice walk on Saturday – we are raising funds & awareness for a disease that affects so many Australians. Check out our fundraising page



2 responses to “One more sleep until Round 2

  1. I think all the extra Buzzing is going to make us lose more weight – I mean it has to doesn’t it? – lol. I feel the same way this round. More focused. More grounded. And I think just a lot more accepting of what may or may not happen so we are calmer and ready to make it happen. If that makes sense? Have a great last night and we come out of the gates at a run tomorrow.

    Great photo – good looking bunch 😉

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