Weekly blog challenge

For this weeks blog challenge I am painting a picture – of exactly how I am feeling at the end of this Round.

The blog asked me too – Paint me the picture. What are you feeling? What are you wearing? What can you do? What have been your greatest achievements? Your biggest challenges? How do you feel inside?? Just how excited ARE you??? Before you achieve it – you have to dream it. Put those dreams down. Make them real.
The more specific your dreams the closer you are to making them a reality.

What am I feeling – I am totally overwhelmed that I have WON Lean & Strong, am on the stage with Mish and feeling FABULOUS!

What are you wearing? a hot little dress that shows off all my hard work, paid with the money I saved from NOT drinking alcohol for 12 weeks

What can you do? I can do anything, I did unassisted pull-ups and and run 2kms without stopping

What have been your greatest achievements?  Not drinking for 12 weeks

Just how excited ARE you??? Buzzing!! Feel like I have just raced to the top of the highest mountain, biggest climb of my life and feeling euphoric


4 responses to “Weekly blog challenge

  1. Do you know what? I 100% firmly believe you can do every single thing in here. Especially win lean and strong. I decided THAT at finale.

    I cannot WAIT to see you again in Brisbane! This time I won’t be quite as overwhelmed.

    Oh and 2k?? No way girl. I know a nice little 5k route along the Brisbane river. Come run it with me. (although with those long legs of yours you will whip me I’m sure!!)

  2. Onnada! Hold on to that buzzing feeling! Don’t forget to take a before picture of your guns – I bet they are going to look twice as good in 12 weeks!
    All the best,


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