Training on the increase….

Round 2 starts on Monday and I am super excited and looking forward to this Round more than the first one…   training this week is going well, have  stepped outside the comfort zone and pushed the bar on training – went to a boxing club near my house last night – I loved it!  I miss boxing with technique, with the trainer constantly telling me to “keep my guard up”, boxing at local gyms/with friends dosen’t have the same discipline – something I respond WELL too!

So moving my training around a little this Round, will do every second Sunday at PitD – the circuit training as that will push my cardio fitness  a lot more and then will do Tuesday night boxing class at Kicktactics – looking at doing 1:1 PT sessions with the boxers there in a few weeks.

Great leg training session this morning, jumped out of bed (with my upper body still shaking from last night) and headed into Darlinghurst to do squats (4okg bar), deadlifts (32.5kg bar), step ups, squat rows (55kg cables, on bosu, low squat holds), single leg deadlifts (1okg db), walking lunges with 10kg med ball, with some jump squats on step (8 raisers each side), with burpee/pushups in between to finish off… was sweating like a wild boar and managed to burn 420 calories in 45mins…

Sat down with the diary last night and planned out the next 12 weeks, looking forward to achieving so many things this round and I am using every external source I can to fuel my inspiration/motivation.

I am meeting up with the PT Manager next week at the new Annettte Kellerman fitness centre to do work as a PT part time – I now feel like I have earnt the respect back to train others after letting myself put on 8kgs and not 100% walk the talk.    Excited to do studies to earn my CEC points and excited about new challenges in the fitness world.  Watch this space!


One response to “Training on the increase….

  1. Donna, you are absolutely going to smash this round! I only hope to catch half your energy so that I have some chance of keeping up with you. I will miss you on the boxing PitD days but now someone else will get the opportunity to be punched by me – lol. Your planning is brilliant. I have my motivation boards ready to hang and will be mapping out any red flag days too.

    Looking forward to taking this journey with you and seeing you win all the way 🙂

    M xx

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