Taking the jiggle out of my wiggle….

I am loving Week 4 – or as I call it my official week 2…  I felt so good after my SSS on Saturday and I know you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself but I did and have lots another 900gms… so I am excited to see what the scales will say on Wednesday!!  I can already feel and see the difference and that is keeping me highly motivated to be consistent and JFDI! No excuses, am being super organised with home delivery food shopping and lists printed everywhere so I an refer to exercises, recipes etc.

How exciting is the new mobile version of the 12WBT site – I was tres excited and squealed when I saw that, got a few strange looks on the train but ahh… I am so excited.

Loved crumpets this morning, crumpets are something I have when I visit my family over in Perth, like a treat/what you are used to meal, but I never buy them cause you put butter on them and honey and … too much! The mixture of jam and ricotta was just gorgeous this morning and I got many comments from onlookers in the kitchen at work, oooh what is that, looks good… and the responses when I told them it was crumpets, they were like YOU ARE ALLOWED CRUMPETS! haha.

Salmon nicoise salad for lunch, divine, the dressing mix is just gorgeous, so will be making that a regular occurence for lunch, quick easy and delicious.   

 I am feeling great this week, feeling in control, have my week planned out, know when my red flag days are around and prepared to just DO IT! The fitness test on the weekend I am looking forward too as well, I have the NSW corporate games on Friday night, competing in three swimming events and I so want a medal to take home… reminds me of the younger days when I used to do swim club and compete in local competitions… you never loose the drive or the passion!

Time to head to the gym and do a double class, I didn’t make pain in the domain ysterday due to a a late nght (hot date with a gorgeous man) and a friends engagement party  (ok and a few too many vodka, lime/sodas)! Geesh dosen’t take many drinks to get me feeling it the next day, such a softie. 

So have done hammys/shoulders this morning, burning 400cals, now it is time to go burn another 1000!! Whooop whoooop


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