New zealand

So, my second week on the challenge is going well – no scales to weigh myself but am moving everyday & eating well. good breakfasts, lunches & dinners, the odd wine or g&t!

I Landed in new zealand on the day of the earthquake, after being greeted by an airport full of crying people & my friends nowhere to be found to pick me up, I felt sick, I had no idea what had happened & was slightly relieved to see my friend drive past, but she then let me know what had happened. Horrible news & arriving at the house the mood was somber as the best man & guests needed to be accounted for that were in Christchurch, amongst this the 12wbt just seemed to fade in the background & amongst lots of bbqs with salads i also enjoyed wine, cheese & catching up with friends!

All the guests were safe & could fly into tauranga for the wedding, it was a great day & good food (lamb, salad, veggies, salmon) alcohol is the extra calorie intake for me at the moment.

Lots of good walks/runs up mountains, hills, lookouts to burn calories & I feel good – going to Auckland tomorrow & looking forward to going to les mills to train & do classes!!

So not my ideal start to the challenge, but I know I can make it up in the next 10 weeks & nail this challenge!


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