FT7 & fitness test

Today I completed the fitness test – all except the wall sit DOH! Will do that Monday morning @gym.

With my new FT7 strapped on I was ready to go & start this journey – with my great friend & training buddy in tow we headed off to Sydney park – quite fitting place as this is where I used to run pink bootcamps (with fitness tests) two mornings a week for just over a year!!

It was just after 9am (snooze button) & it was warm already!! Walked out the 1km which was two & a bit laps & a great warm up! A few stretches & we were off, it has been months since I have just run, done classes like spin, combat & jam but running bores the crap out of me – I get all out of whack with my breathing & concentrate on how I cannot breathe which just makes things worse!! Could use the asthma excuse but I just need to work on the controlled breathing!

So first lap I felt like a huge lump running & my brain was doing the usual , telling me I couldn’t do it, so I just got a comfy pace going & found a better breathing pattern second lap, completing the run in 5:34 – think pressed pause for 40m as it showed total distance as 0.96!?

The sit up test was next, stage 3 – will aim to do stage 5 at the end if the challenge!

Pushups next & managed 10full & 24half – pretty happy with that! Must keep practicing.

Sit & reach – +2cm – all those body balance classes are paying off.

Wall sit to be done Monday – fun fun!

My two milestones are:

50m butterfly without stopping
5 pullups full, unassisted

Bring it on!


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